Kidlit4Japan Auction #8b from Mike Mullin

Auction #8b: Autographed ARC and tuckerization in my next novel from Mike Mullin

Description: I’ll mail the winning bidder an autographed advance reading copy (ARC) of my debut novel, ASHFALL. I’ll also name a minor character in the sequel to ASHFALL after the winning bidder. The sequel, ASHEN WINTER, will be published by Tanglewood Press in Fall 2012.

Estimated Value: $100
Auction Begins: Monday 3/21 @ 4:00PM EDT
Auction Ends: Thursday 3/24 @ 4:00PM EDT

Bio: I’ve been around children’s literature all my life, including working at Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore in Indianapolis in various capacities for more than 20 years. My debut young adult novel, ASHFALL, will be published by Tanglewood Press in October 2011.

Author Mike Mullin’s Website:

Auction Terms:

  • Bid by posting a comment with your bid amount; anonymous bidding is not allowed.
  • Do not bid unless you intend to pay that amount to a designated charity organization.
  • Bids are in U.S. Dollars.
  • Bids under $50 must be at least $1 more than the previous bid; bids from $50 to under $100 must be at least $2 more than the previous bid; bids of $100 or more must be at least $5 more than the previous bid. Overbids are encouraged.
  • Highest bid before the end of the auction wins; if the highest bid is less than the reserve amount, the auction is extended until the reserve amount is reached; if no reserve amount is stated, the reserve amount is 50% of the item’s estimated value.
  • Winning bid is not final until the winning bidder is notified by email. Winning bidder must donate the winning bid amount to a designated charity organization and provide a copy of the receipt within three days of notification.
  • For physical items, unless otherwise noted, donor pays standard shipping within the U.S.; winning bidder pays for express shipping or for shipping outside the U.S.

About Greg R. Fishbone

Greg R. Fishbone is the author of galactic fiction for young readers including the GALAXY GAMES series from Tu Books @ Lee & Low Books. Check out his website at
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19 Responses to Kidlit4Japan Auction #8b from Mike Mullin

  1. Rick DeMille says:

    I’ll start at $35. It doesn’t have to be my name, does it?

  2. mary says:

    Hey, Mike! I’ll bid $40.

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  4. Rick DeMille says:

    I’ll go $45.

  5. Sheryl says:

    My son will LOVE this book. He hikes volcanoes in Guatemala every year. He has watched all of the Yellowstone NatGeo/Discovery stories about Yellowstone.

    Can’t wait to read it.

    • Mike Mullin says:

      Thanks, Sheryl! You could have your son’s name in the sequel if you like–that would be a unique present. I’ve already sold the sequel, ASHEN WINTER, to Tanglewood Press for their Fall 2012 list.

  6. Sheryl says:

    I’ll go $55

  7. Kenda Henthorn says:

    Oh, that is WAY COOL!! I’m all over this one! Please sign me up for $60. 🙂

  8. Kenda Henthorn says:

    Love the idea…and what a great cause! Thank you, Mike!

  9. Sheryl says:

    I’ll go $75

  10. Kenda Henthorn says:

    $80 here!

  11. Sheryl says:

    I’ll go $90…gotta boy whose read the first 2 chapters and is DYING (literally…driving me nuts) to somehow get a copy.

  12. Kenda Henthorn says:

    Sheryl, I’d let your son read my copy! 😉 $100.!!!

  13. Sheryl says:

    Son of a gun!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo disappointed. I was hoping to give to him as a gift and especially having his name next the book.

    I’d even go to $150.

  14. My face is red because this auction was posted at 4:30PM on Monday and was scheduled to end at 4:30PM on Friday–the 4:00PM times in the auction description are typos. But that’s good news for Sheryl’s son because I’m declaring a…

    WINNER: Sheryl with a generous overbid of $150! Congratulations on your winning bid. I will be in touch later today with instructions for making and verifying the UNICEF donation.

    NOTE: There are other “tuckerization” auctions upcoming. Watch the “character names” category, perhaps tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon…

  15. Kenda says:

    Nicely played, Sheryl! That was exciting down to the last minute (…and beyond)!

    I know your son LOVE seeing his name in Mike’s sequel. And now maybe YOUR son will let MY son borrow Mike’s ARC of Ashfall? Lol.

    Congrats and enjoy! 🙂


  16. Mike Mullin says:

    Wow, that’s great–thanks guys! I’m thrilled I could help raise this money for the earthquake/tsunami victims. If it’s acceptable to Greg and the two bidders, I’d like to make two ARCS and two tuckerizations available (I’ve got tons of minor characters who need names, and I’m terrible at thinking them up.) The only problem is that I literally only have one ARC to give at the moment, but my publisher will be sending me 50 more in a week or two. So if it’s acceptable to everyone, I’ll send Sheryl an arc right away and Kendra one from the new batch in 2 weeks or so. Both of you can have the name of your choice included in ASHEN WINTER.

  17. Very cool. Thanks, Mike.

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