“Nuclear Boy” explains reactor crisis to young children in Japan (video)

Part of the relief effort, especially important to helping children in the affected area, is to provide continuity and counseling to help reduce immediate fears and long-term trauma. This is especially difficult after a powerful earthquake since the aftershocks can go on for weeks, with each one providing a fresh reminder that new dangers may be lurking underfoot.

In addition to the earthquake and tsunami that have left many survivors homeless, hungry, and cold, the crisis in Japan has damaged several nuclear reactors with the ultimate impact still unknown. Ongoing risks include power outages, the release of nuclear materials into the environment, and the (thankfully diminishing) chance of a meltdown.

What metaphor might you employ to explain this situation in terms that might make it understandable and a bit less scary to a young child living near one of these damaged nuclear power plants? Japanese artist Hachiya Kazuhiko created this “Nuclear Boy” video (with English subtitles added) to help his own children deal with the current crisis using humor:


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