#Kidlit4Japan Auction Daily Preview: Monday 4/4 (Short form)

Still recovering from my illness and working through a backlog of emails. A rough cut of what’s coming up today:

Auction #81
From Monday 4/4 @ 9:00AM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 9:00AM EDT
Lorraine Jean Hopping: Earthquake! & other signed disaster books
Value: $25

Auction #82
From Monday 4/4 @ 10:00AM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 10:00AM EDT
Heather Ayris Burnell: Picture book manuscript and query critique
Value: $50

Auction #83
From Monday 4/4 @ 11:00AM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 11:00AM EDT
Edna Cabcabin Moran: Two signed picture books and KidLit for Japan Good Luck Cat tee.
Value: $55

Auction #84
From Monday 4/4 @ 12:00PM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 12:00PM EDT
Linda Oatman High: Critique (20 pages)
Value: $50

Auction #85
From Monday 4/4 @ 1:00PM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 1:00PM EDT
Rick DeMille: Screenplay Critique
Value: $125

Auction #86
From Monday 4/4 @ 2:00PM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 2:00PM EDT
Deborah Bruss: “Book! Book! Book!” picture book
Value: $17.95

Auction #87
From Monday 4/4 @ 3:00PM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 3:00PM EDT
Bonnie J. Doerr: Island Sting and Stakeout adventure mysteries for age 10 and up.
Value: $25

Auction #88
From Monday 4/4 @ 4:00PM EDT to Thursday 4/7 @ 4:00PM EDT
Alison Ashley Formento: Alison will donate a copy of her newest book, THIS TREE, 1, 2, 3 and an in-depth picture book critique.
Value: $40 times 3 winners


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