#Kidlit4Japan Auction Daily Preview: Thursday 4/7 (Penultimate Edition)

This is the 14th day of items out of 15 days total. If you haven’t seen anything worth bidding on so far, you haven’t been looking!

With auction numbers now in triple digits, you might think it would be hard for our generous donors to come up with items that truly stand out–but they have.

For example, we’ve been blessed with some really great critique options so far but maybe you’ve been holding out for a specialist in genre fantasy. Auction #112 from Caitlin Kittredge might be for you!

Or you might feel less confident in the synopsis of your novel than in the manuscript itself–in which case, check out Auction #108 for a novel synopsis critique from Esther Hershenhorn.

Finally, we’ve had lots of author visits up for auction so far, but only Michelle Cusolito is offering to guide a class on a field trip in Auction #110!

Our total so far is $6,848. Let’s make it another great day to raise money for Japan!


Auction #105
From Thursday 4/7 @ 9:00AM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 9:00AM EDT
Debbie A. Taylor: Author Visit Via Skype – One Hour
Value: $100 times 2 winners

Auction #106
From Thursday 4/7 @ 10:00AM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 10:00AM EDT
Marilyn Taylor McDowell: Signed hardcover copy of Carolina Harmony
Value: $16.99

Auction #107
From Thursday 4/7 @ 11:00AM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 11:00AM EDT
Eleanor Rubin: Title: “Dreams of Repair” a book written and illustrated by Eleanor Rubin with foreword by historian Howard Zinn
Value: $24.95 times 6 winners

Auction #108
From Thursday 4/7 @ 12:00PM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 12:00PM EDT
Esther Hershenhorn: Novel Synopsis Critique
Value: $250

Auction #109
From Thursday 4/7 @ 1:00PM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 1:00PM EDT
April Halprin Wayland: signed copy of award-winning novel-in-poems, GIRL COMING IN FOR A LANDING
Value: $25 each

Auction #110
From Thursday 4/7 @ 2:00PM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 2:00PM EDT
Michelle Cusolito: Field Class for up to 25 children
Value: $300

Auction #111
From Thursday 4/7 @ 3:00PM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 3:00PM EDT
JoAnn Early Macken: autographed copy of BABY SAYS “MOO!”
Value: $15.99

Auction #112
From Thursday 4/7 @ 4:00PM EDT to Tuesday 4/12 @ 4:00PM EDT
Caitlin Kittredge: YA fantasy or adult fantasy manuscript critique (first 50 pages)
Value: $50


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Greg R. Fishbone is the author of galactic fiction for young readers including the GALAXY GAMES series from Tu Books @ Lee & Low Books. Check out his website at gfishbone.com
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