#Kidlit4Japan Auction Daily Preview: Friday 4/8 (Last New Items!)

When I first had the idea of creating my own auction to benefit the victims of the Japan earthquake, the first person I contacted was Holly Thompson. Holly is a longtime resident of Japan and currently serves as Regional Advisor for SCBWI Tokyo. She was able to give me some idea of what was happening on the ground and where our efforts might make the greatest impact. One of the last items in the auction is a copy of Holly’s novel-in-verse which is set in Japan and will be shipped from Japan to the winning bidder.

The very last item up for bid, and grand finale of the Kidlit4Japan auction, is a very special package of picture books from PaperTigers.org, a website devoted to multicultural books from around the world for children and young adults, with a particular focus on the Pacific Rim and South Asia.

Bidding on today’s items will continue until next Wednesday, and Buy It Now items will close at 4PM on Friday, April 15th. Thanks to everyone for your help over the past three weeks!


Auction #113
From Friday 4/8 @ 9:00AM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 9:00AM EDT
Judith Graves: 1 signed copy of Under My Skin, 1 set of 3 character cards, 1 gothic necklace and 1 bookmark.
Value: $30

Auction #114
From Friday 4/8 @ 10:00AM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 10:00AM EDT
Megan E. Bryant: Four signed Easter books in a basket of Easter treats
Value: $60

Auction #115a
From Friday 4/8 @ 11:00AM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 11:00AM EDT
Ann Manheimer: A signed copy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Dreaming of Equality
Value: $30

Auction #115b
From Friday 4/8 @ 11:00AM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 11:00AM EDT
Ann Manheimer: A written critique
Value: $60

Auction #116
From Friday 4/8 @ 12:00PM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 12:00PM EDT
Ashley Pérez: 2 signed and dedicated hard-cover (to buyer’s specifications) copies of What Can’t Wait
Value: $20 times 2 winners

Auction #117
From Friday 4/8 @ 1:00PM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 1:00PM EDT
Ellen Booraem: Signed hardcover of SMALL PERSONS WITH WINGS and paperback of THE UNNAMEABLES
Value: $24

Auction #118
From Friday 4/8 @ 2:00PM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 2:00PM EDT
Kimberly Marcus: Signed first edition of EXPOSED
Value: $20

Auction #119
From Friday 4/8 @ 3:00PM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 3:00PM EDT
Nancy Viau: Signed copy of SAMANTHA HANSEN HAS ROCKS IN HER HEAD and a 12-piece rock collection
Value: $15

Auction #120
From Friday 4/8 @ 3:30PM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 3:30PM EDT
Holly Thompson: A signed copy of ORCHARDS and swag
Value: $20

Auction #121
From Friday 4/8 @ 4:00PM EDT to Wednesday 4/13 @ 4:00PM EDT
PaperTigers.org: A Spirit of PaperTigers 2010 Book Set of Seven Picture books, some signed.
Value: $150


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